Kodak Single Use Cameras


Single Use Cameras

Kodak Fun mini – Suske & Wiske No 1

PROCESS BEFORE DATE: unused in box camera 02/1996, opened box 02/1996
FUNCTIONAL TYPE:Kodak gold 400 film 27 exposures
FUNCTIONAL TYPE: Single use camera
COLLECTION NOTE;one camera unused in closed box, one camera unused box opend.
A special Suske & Wiske camera issued by the 1 Hour Super Photo store chain, a saving campaign was conceived to to have a chance to win a fully catered trip to Antwerp with a full savings card or a discount on the development of the film roll, and a total of 8 different cameras would be released with the popular cartoon characters Suske & Wiske.
The comic books of Suske & Wiske are collected a lot, and the cameras should be a wanted collector’s item, unfortunately this was not the case, only 3 of the 8 different cameras were released.