Kodak Single Use Cameras


Single Use Cameras

Kodak Fun mini Pocahontas

PROCESS BEFORE DATE:unused in box camera 12/1996, opened box 12/1996
FILM TYPE: Kodak gold 400 film 24 + 3 exposures
FUNCTIONAL TYPE: Single use camera
COLLECTION NOTE; camera unused in closed box.
Kodak promotional package with free Pocahontas photo frame.

Save the Pocahontas gifts at Kodak
At Kodak temporarily nice gifts from the latest Walt Disney movie. Pocahontas is an Indian princess who experiences many adventures with her naughty friends; Flash the hummingbird and the raccoon Meeko, a lot changes in her life when she falls in love with the handsome Englishman John Smith.

Photo frame with Kodak FUN cameras
Both the Kodak Fun mini and the Fun Flash cameras have a mini photo frame for a portrait on which Pocahontas and her lover, the handsome Englishman John Smith, are on it.

Three film figures with Kodak Gold films
There are three different figures, Pocahontas sitting on a rock. Meeko with a bag full of cakes and the wild hummingbird Flit, you get such a figure for free with the purchase of two Kodak GOLD films.
All these promotions run until December 31, 1995 and / or while supplies last.