Brownie Movie Cameras

Brownie Movie Cameras

Brownie Movie Camera f/1.9 model II

STANDARD LENSES: Cine-Kodak Ektanon 13mm f/1.9
SPEED: 16 frames / second
VIEWFINDER:folding Sports Viewfinder
FILM: 8 mm

‘Brownie’ Movie Camera Model II f/1.9
Simple, inexpensive, 8mm movie camera which takes top-quality pictures in colour or black-and-white, Similar to ‘Brownie’ Movie Camera Model II f/2-7, but with faster lens, plastic viewfinder and panels finished in brown artificial leather.
All the user has to do is load, set the lens aperture pointer according to the prevailing light conditions, and press the exposure release. Sprocketless loading means that the film is simply slipped into the gate and on to the take-up reel; there is no threading. Collapsible viewfinder of the open frame type; front frame marked for parallax correction at 2 and 4 ft. Easily-read footage indicator. Standard l in. Whitworth thread tripod socket. Sturdy aluminium construction. Takes 25 ft rolls of economical ‘double-run’ 8mm ‘Kodachrome’ movie film or ‘Kodak’ black-and-white movie film. After processing (at no extra cost) this gives 50 ft of film for projection.

Viewfinder: The plastic front finder frame has 3 rectangles marked in yellow, red and green to frame the picture area covered by the accessory Telephoto Converter, the Standard lens and the accessory Wide-Angle Con­verter respectively. The plastic rear peep- sight has a sliding metal mask for parallax correction.

Lens and Mount: Fast ‘Lumenized’ 13mm ‘Cine- Ektanon’ Lens f/1-9. Fixed focus with sufficiënt depth of field, even at full aperture, to meet all normal picture-making needs.

Aperture Control: Finger-tip click-stop plastic disc with serrated edge, clearly marked with figures denoting lens openings. Has ‘Lock’ position, when the lens is obscured and exposure lever locked. Scaled to enable user to adjust for difference in film speed.

Exposure Release: Protrudes from the front of the camera, conveniendy placed for the index finger. For normal running, the lever is pressed lightly down; to lock the lever for longer sequences or for ‘self-taking’, the lever is pushed fully down.

Motor: Spring-driven, smooth, quiet and, when fully wound, with ample reserve for longer- than-average shots. Large butterfly-type winder which folds flat against the side panel.

Accessories: Strong plastic ‘ever-ready’ carrying case.

‘Kodisk’ Lens Attachments size No. 250.

‘Kodak’ Telephoto Converter and Kodak Wide-Angle Converter.