Brownie Movie Camera Turret f/1.9 improved

STANDARD LENSES: Cine-Kodak Ektanon 9 mm, 13mm 24 mm f/1.9
SPEED: 16 frames / second
VIEWFINDER:folding Sports Viewfinder
FILM: 8 mm

THE TURRET MODEL. The turret has three positions. The first has a converter lens which adapts the Standard lens for wide-angle use; the second converts the Standard lens for telephoto use ; the third is vacant, acting as a lens hood for the Standard lens.
The turret is located by gently puiling it away from the camera front and turning it either way until the required position is in front of the lens. On releasing the turret, it automatically locates itself.
Each unit is colour-coded to match the rectangles engraved in the finder: wide-angle green; normal lens red; telephoto orange. On some cameras each unit is also marked with the nearest subject distances for all lens openings.

THE VIEWFINDER. The optical finder on current models consists of transparant plastic mouldings mounted at the front and rear of the top panel. They are spring-loaded and fold flat when not in use.
The front element is a negative lens with three coloured rectangles engraved in it: the red rectangle indicates the field of view of the Standard 13 mm. (1 in.) lens. The outer green rectangle shows the area covered by the wide-angle attachment; the inner yellow rectangle that covered by the telephoto attachment. On the turret model the hood of the Standard lens, and the two attachments, are colour-coded to match the corresponding finder rectangles.
The rear element incorporates a positive lens, and forms the eyepiece.