Solid Body Brownies

Solid Body Brownies

Brownie Cresta

Black bakalite camera with white winder and shutter button.
Coaxial flash socket.
Cluse-up lens and yellow filter.

This smart modern-style snapshot camera is ideal for everyone who i wants to take good snaps easily. There are no shutter or lens aperture settings to bother about, and no focusing is necessary. A cloud filter and a close-up lens are built into the camera. Flash con-tacts are fitted so that snapshots can be taken indoors and after dark with the ‘Kodak’ Flasholder, Model II. The ‘Brownie’ Cresta camera takes twelve snaps the popular and economical 2¼ in. X 2¼ in. size, on ‘Kodak’ Film No. 120.
Loaded with ‘Kodacolor’ film, this camera will take sparkling colour pictures provided the subject is in bright sunshine. From ‘Kodacolor’ negatives, full-colour prints on paper can be made.

The fixed-focus ‘Kodet’ lens gives sharp snaps from 7 feet to infinity. A close-up lens is built into the camera on a sliding bar. When the bar is pushed to the left (i.e. with the camera in the taking position) this lens comes into position and the camera can be used to take sharp pictures between 4 and 7 feet.Cloud Filter:

A yellow cloud filter is also fitted to the sliding bar. When the bar is pushed to the right the filter comes into position. It makes white clouds stand out against a blue sky and generally improves pictorial quality. (The filter and close-up lens cannot be used together.)

A simple, reliable shutter gives an exposure of approximately l/40th second. Flash contacts are fitted, and a miniature co-axial socket is provided in the front panel of the camera to take the Type J cable from the accessory ‘Kodak’ Flasholder Model II. A smooth press-button release is situated on top of the camera where it rests con-veniently under the forefinger.

The ever-ready eye-level optical viewfinder gives a clear view of the subject, makes it easy to compose the picture.

Moulded plastic, with polished metal fittings. A į in. ‘Whitworth’ tripod bush is fitted to the base of the camera. A woven neck-strap is provided.

Accessories:Case for ‘Brownie’ Cresta Camera, Code 847 (see page 97). ‘Kodisk’ Lens Attachments No. 250 (see pages 79-80).

Price: (H) £1 I5s. Od. Price including Purchase Tax £2 8s. 8d.
Price: (H) Republic of Ireland £2 8s. 8d.
The ‘Brownie’ Cresta Camera is also available in Gift Outfit form.

Camera value € 15