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Brownie Target Six-20 Mickey Mouse

Brownie Target Six-20 Mickey Mouse
Geïntroduceerd in: ? (camera onbekend tot 1995)
Rolfilm: 620 foto grote: 2¼ x 3¼ inch.
Lens en sluiter: meniscus lens, roterende sluiter.
Brownie Target Six-20 camera met speciale Mickey Mouse front
Zie bij de Brownie Target Six-16 Mickey Mouse voor meer infermatie over de Mickey Mouse Brownie’s.

MANUFACTURER CAMERA: Eastman Kodak Company
INTRODUCTION DATE: ? (camera unknown until 1995)
FILM TYPE: 620 rollfilm
Brownie Target Six-20 camera with special faceplate depicting Mickey Mouse.
Existence of the Mickey cameras ware unknown until 1995, when a few showed up. strange is the fact of discovering the camera after 50 years of being hidden, Kodak or Disney have not any records about this camera. Evidence suggests that the cameras were made as prototypes, but not marketed. The project may have started in the late 1930’s, because the Mickey drawing and Disney company name are pre-war. The camera name and design are post-war

Camera value € 600

with original box €  900